Taylor Mica Kennedy is a multi-media artist. Her work is based in personal narrative and draws upon the taboo norms of family life, including divorce, addiction, abuse, mental illness and the everyday environments that house such experiences. Drawn to the cyclical nature of people within the family, and their memories, Taylor specifically speaks to the lives of the middle class.

In an attempt to understand the complexities of family and individuality within, Taylor uses her experiences as a foundation for her portrait and scene-based imagery. Her use of illustrative marks, pattern, unusual perspective and rawly crafted figures depicts the day-to-day of the working class to capture the poignancy of the humor, satire and melancholy found and often overlooked in the lives of the everyday man.

Taylor received her BFA from the Rochester Institute of Technology and her MFA from the Pratt Institute. She lives and works in Upstate, New York.